Pricing + Services


Hiring a professional can give you guidance, accountability, and expertise along with confidentiality. 

1 Session (3-5 hours)

$300 - A single session is appropriate for clients looking for professional assistance to get their projects started or as an add-on to an existing package.

4 Sessions (12+ hours)

$1020 (15% Discount)

8 Sessions (24+ hours)

$1920 (20% Discount)          

12 Sessions (36+ Hours)

$2520 (30% Discount)

Sessions Include:

  • Time spent in your home, plus:

  • Removing one car full of items for donation after each session.

  • Communication with you by phone or email up to two weeks after your session

  • Acquiring and/or shopping for any additional supplies needed for your space.  (price of item not included).