A fresh start

What is it about a clean slate that I love? Is it the possibility of a new beginning? It is a clean crisp white space? Is it the optimism that comes with starting fresh? Is it theoretically erasing old mistakes or bad habits? I believe it is all of the above.

A new year is the opportunity to make better choices, to create more intentional habits. A new year is an opportunity for a brighter future. For me a new year is not an opportunity to fall into the trap of making a resolution that is surface level like I have so many times in the past… lose x lbs, workout x number of times, etc… only to fall into old habits a month into the year.   It is so easy to get sucked into resolutions that aim to change your exterior. What if the resolution aimed to change your interior?

I do much better with broader goals such as: I will always have a book that I am reading. I will continue to expand my knowledge in subjects that interest me. I will try to incorporate more meditation and reflection into my life. I will choose to create before I consume.

So this is what this post is about. Let the new year be an opportunity for self growth not an opportunity to feel worse about some exterior factor or a setting yourself up to fail. Why not create a resolution to watch less TV? To buy less processed foods wrapped in plastic? To go to bed with a clean kitchen so you can start each day fresh? To let go of items that no longer serve you? To bring along a reusable jar or water bottle when you leave the house? To remember all of your reusable bags when grocery shopping? To chose to shop fast fashion less? To begin composting? To write in a journal? To get outside every day?

Why not choose a resolution that can uplift you and create space for a cascade of positive change.

Happy 2019!

Reducing waste during Thanksgiving

Reducing waste during Thanksgiving