Simplify your space so it becomes your peaceful sanctuary


Your home should be a place where you enjoy being, not a place where you instantly feel stressed or overwhelmed.  I can help you simplify your space so it can become the peaceful sanctuary you envision. Are you ready to love your home again?




Residential Decluttering

We work together category by category to create the home you envision.  We will declutter and simplify your home so that it best serves your current needs.  I will ask several questions to understand your future vision as well as your needs for the space.  We will work with the items you already own and love to make it a lighter fresher home so you can more easily focus on what is important.  (Most popular package).

Unpacking and Simplifying

Want a fresh start in your new home?  I can help you simplify your belongings to create a clean slate in this next stage.  We will work one on one to brainstorm the best locations for all of your belongings in your new space as well as work to create the foundation for intentional habits in your fresh new space. 

Moving Prep & Home Staging

Need help in decluttering before your next big move?  I can help you decide what to bring with you into your new space to achieve the vision you have for the future.  I will also help you showcase your home in its best light so that others fall in love with the space you have called home, all the while using items you already have on hand! 


Minimalism + zero waste


Removing the stress out of your space so you can focus on what truly matters.